Premium quality charm bags

“The perfect gift for someone who has everything,
or the person that has nothing…” ~ Google Review

Designed and crafted to inspire, motivate and bring good luck, good fortune and positive energy into your life.

Luck isn’t just for everyone else anymore!
Create your own good luck and take your share of life’s good things with The Original Moonbeam Bag!
A must have for everyone, and the perfect gift for anyone! Get yours here!
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Know where your dreams are?

Know where your dreams are!


Keep your hopes and dreams alive and well in The Original Moonbeam Bag.

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full pink moon

Welcome to April!

Full Pink Moon 4/19/19

New Moon 4/5/19

The perfect time for fresh starts, new beginnings, undertaking new projects and setting new goals.

So… it might be a good time to jot down your thoughts, goals, wishes, prayers and put them in your Original Moonbeam Bag for safe keeping.

“When it comes to luck, you make your own.” ~ Bruce Springsteen

Full 'Pink' Moon 4/19/19

Named by Native American Tribes because flowers and trees begin to blossom.

Also known as, ‘The Sprouting Grass moon’, ‘The Full Egg Moon’ and ‘The Full Fish Moon’.

Take/Make some time for you. A cup of tea or a glass of wine, some quiet time or your favorite music… The ideal time to relax and reflect. 


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What’s New!

The Original Moonbeam Bag Gift Card.

A great gift for anyone from casual to intimate.

Ideal for friends, family, co-workers…

Everyone needs some luck!

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