The short version:

The Original Moonbeam Bag is  a premium quality charm bag designed to inspire, motivate and stimulate good luck, good fortune and positive energy in your life.

The Original Moonbeam Bag is all about you!

Monopoly Man

Luck is not as random, erratic and haphazard as you might think...

Creating your own good luck has never been easier!

‘Planning, executing, good decisions, hard work, diligence and perseverance are essential elements of Good Luck!’ 

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The Legend of The Original Moonbeam Bag...

The original moonbeam night sky

The Legend

It’s not a new idea.
In fact, the belief that saving moonbeams on the night of the full moon will bring luck and good fortune in the near future transcends countless generations and cultures around the world. 

How it works...

Register your bag to get reminders.
Become your own Life-Coach!
  • Hold your Original Moonbeam Bag above your head
  • Open your bag to collect moonbeams
  • Save them in your bag ’til the next full moon
  • Believe!

A new spin on an old tradition


The Original Moonbeam Bag is the world’s first premium quality charm bag specially designed to inspire good luck and good fortune through positive reinforcement.

Good luck and prosperity aren’t just for everyone else anymore.

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Why The Original Moonbeam Bag

Designed to inspire, motivate and stimulate.
  • A great color selection
  • Crafted with a premium quality fabric
  • Explanation of the legend
  • Recommended use of the bag
  • A unique inspirational quotation
  • Our proprietary ‘The Original Moonbeam Bag’® charm
  • A Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Register your bag on-line
The Original Moonbeam Bag® is a must have for everyone and a great gift for anyone!

Treat yourself or someone you know to the luck we all deserve!