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  • Bi-weekly Payout

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How it works…

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The Original Moonbeam Bag


What it is…

A premium quality charm bag designed and crafted to inspire, motivate and bring good luck, good fortune and positive energy into your life.
The Original Moonbeam Bag is all about you!
It’s not a new idea.
In fact, it centers around the ancient belief that saving moonbeams on the night of the full moon will bring luck and good fortune in the near future. Although thought to be of Celtic origin, this is a tradition that spans continents and transcends countless generations and cultures around the world. 

Treat yourself or someone you know to the luck we all deserve!

Crafted from premium quality fabrics, each bag is available in a great selection of colors and comes with

  • The lore behind the tradition
  • How to use of the bag
  • A unique inspirational quotation
  • The proprietary ‘The Original Moonbeam Bag’® charm
  • A Certificate of Authenticity
  • On-line registration for full moon reminders
  • A gift box

Interactive design sure to motivate, stimulate and inspire.